Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's Cooking In The Kitchen?

Considering a food business?

It takes more than a great idea to create a successful business. Indy’s Kitchen rents kitchen space so you can try a business idea without the expense of opening your own kitchen. If you have a food product that you’re considering selling, join a discussion about how to get your business started. We’ll talk about all of the things you need to consider before you start producing your product. So if a food business has been a dream that you want to make real, this 2-hour discussion will help get you started! Join us at Indy’s Kitchen on March 3rd at 2:00.  The discussion is free but please let me know you plan to attend. Send an email to Linda to reserve your spot. I look forward to hearing your business idea and helping you take it to the next step.


March 28th 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Indy's Kitchen

Are you afraid of cooking fish and other seafood! Why? Join Becky and master the cooking techniques of perfectly cooked fish. LOTS of health and nutrition experts recommend that we eat fish two times per week, but if you don't know how to prepare it properly, you are stuck with canned tuna. Break out of your shell (literally!). You will also learn about the types of seafood that are high in mercury and should be consumed in moderation, plus the types sustainable and responsibly harvested seafood and fish.  You can reserve your spot on Becky's website. Enjoy!

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